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At Advantage Laser Clinic we work diligently to provide products that are safe, result-oriented and top quality. We offer the Sunetics laser comb, otherwise known as the paddle for its larger size, which is the very best on the market. It is the most powerful laser comb available in the United States and Canada.

The laser paddle comb was created to deliver the maximum coverage of the scalp area of all hand-held devices. It has 12 true diodes whereas other combs generally have 5 to 9 diodes.

The laser paddle comb is designed to compliment laser hair-rejuvenation treatments. You may also use it as an alternative to clinical treatments. Ideally the laser paddle comb would be used at home, during and after laser-hair rejuvenation treatment in order for increased success.

The hand-held Sunetics laser paddle comb is safe and easy to use. It is available through our clinic without prescription and it is a onetime cost that delivers long term benefits. It is portable and requires at most 3 short treatments per week.

The laser paddle comb costs on average one hundred dollars more than most laser combs on the market, however, the difference in capacity and average is significant. Compare and you will find that it is the best laser comb on the market for the price.

The laser paddle comb is designed to provide energy for healthy hair growth and stimulate the roots for new growth of healthy hair. It also contributes to the cessation of hair shedding.

Treatment objectives:

– To provide energy for healthy growth
– To stimulate root for new growth of healthy hair
– To stimulate vellus follicle to encourage the transformation back to healthy hair
– No follicle exists and this stage of the condition is beyond revitalization


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