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FAQs Cellulite Treatments

What is the RF?
The RF is a cellulite treamtent uses radiofrequency to heat up the collagen and fatty tissue in the dermis. It is used for the detoxifying of fat cells causing them to shrink smoothing out cellulite while also re-modeling the collagen.

Why is the RF more effective than other systems for the treatment of cellulite?
The RF is very effective for the treatment of cellulite as it accurately and scientifically reduces cellulite by dermal heating. The SpaRF is a uni-polar device which means it delivers the heat straight down into the dermis. During the session, the technician will move the handpiece in a constant motion to evenly disperse the heat to the area. The temperature of the skin will be monitored with a laser thermometer. Collagen denatures at 40 to 45 degrees. Once we reach this temperature, we will sustain the heat for a calculated time interval to ensure proper collagen manipulation and emulsification of the fat cells.

Is the RF Cellulite Treatment Painful?
The treatment feels like a warming sensation to the skin. After the first couple of minutes most clients find the treatment relaxing.

Is there any Aftercare with this Procedure?
There is absolutely no aftercare with this procedure. You may resume normal activities post treatment.

When Can I Expect to See Results?
Although some improvement is evident after every session, many clients begin to see satisfactory improvement at their 3rd session. Those that exercise regularly and maintain healthy eating habits while undergoing the SpaRF cellulite treatment benefit most from treatments. Those that maintain a healthy lifestyle notice significant circumferential reduction and cellulite reduction.

What are Treatment Intervals?
Treatment intervals are every 7 to 21 days. Most clients come space cellulite treatments 10 to 14 days apart.

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