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There are no tricks to weight loss. You must diet and exercise. At advantage laser clinic we offer Ideal Protein protein meal plans and food suppliments to our clients as well as aids to help you lose weight such as vitamin B12 injections and laser treatment. We also provide treatments to contour the body such as radiofrequency fat reduction and carboxytherapy which dissolves fatty tissue excellent for abdomen, love handles, arms and cellulite. These aids expedite your weight loss goals and we have seen much success in our combination therapy approach. Learn more about the treatments we offer…


Vitamin B12 Injections are also called Cobalamine and one of the eight water-soluble B vitamins. B12 helps the body in converting carbohydrates into glucose or sugar, which is burned in order to produce energy for the functioning of the body. It is essential also for the breakdown of fats and proteins. B12 is considered an anti-stress vitamin since it is believed to enhance the healthy functioning of the immune system and improves the body’s ability to fight stressful conditions. It improve energy levels by allowing the body to burn calories while supporting thyroid functions and boosts the right cardiac output by reducing water retention (Diuretic Attributes). By speeding up your metabolism, vitamin B12 provides you with an unlimited supply of energy. The more calories burnt, the less storage of fat which ultimately results in weight loss. Many patients comment that it helps you exercise for a long time, on a regular basis, without getting tired!

With all of our weight loss programs, patients are expected to come in for injections 3 times a week until we reach your weight loss goals. Maintenance sessions are often required at less frequency. When commencing one of our weight loss programs, we provide you with a meal plan and high protein foods to supplement your diet.

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Advantage Laser Clinic is the leading provider of carboxytherapy in Canada. It is used primarily for fat removal and body contouring. It is very successful in treating areas with stubborn fat such as the love handles, abdomen, arms and thighs. All our carboxy treatment are provided by a caring nurse.

Carboxytherapy is used for body contouring and for fat reduction. Carboxytherapy works as follows; Fat cells are very sensitive to C02 gas. The process weakens and destroys fat cells which results in fewer fat cells and the detoxification of fat cells or fat removal. At the injection site red bloods cells are brought to the area to release oxygen and pick up C02 to be eliminated by the body. This process of oxygenating the area also allows the body to nourish the area, in turn building and remodelling collagen and elastin which ultimately smooths out cellulite. This is a natural response from the body. The process leaves the skin tighter, brighter and smoother. This treatment works well with the application of our radiofrequency fat reduction machine which heats the subdermal layers of the skin to 40-45 degrees which is the ideal temperature to mechanically smoothing out cellulite as well. Treatment is also often combined with B12 injections and cellulite treatment for fat reduction. Combination therapy gaurantees lasting results.


This weight loss laser works best when used in combination with our weight loss program. Our program includes the following treatments: B12 Injections, CO2 injections for fat removal, RF fat reduction machine, Meal plan and high protein diet supplements. Combination therapy guarantees best results and fastest results! Whether you are looking to lose 10 lbs or 100 lbs our program will work for you.

Excessive eating and binging is often a result of increased stress levels, frustrations and anxiety. Laser weight loss is a popular natural way to lose weight by relieving the temptation of excessive eating while burning calories.

ENDORPHIN RELEASE: With diet changes, many people experience cravings, which can lead to binge eating. Cravings in the body are often due to a lack of endorphins. Laser application can help to balance out the cravings by helping the body in its release of endorphins.

REDUCE STRESS: An increase in the “stress hormone” cortisol can alter the metabolism. Through the release of endorphins, the “stress hormone” can be neutralized.

SUPPORT DIGESTION: Laser can support the body to generate an efficient digestive process.

DETOXIFY FAT CELLS: Laser weight loss treatments also detoxify fat cells which are then eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system promoting weight loss.


Pockets of FAT that develop in the subcutaneous layers is often referred to as stubborn fat or cellulite. 90% of post-adolescent women and men go on to develop cellulite at some time during their life making weight loss of STUBBORN FAT difficult to achieve. The thighs, buttocks are the most common areas for a woman to develop fat deposits and the abdomen for men. Some of the causes of cellulite may include the following: Hormonal factors, Genetics, Diet, Smoking, Aging.

Our technology involves using Radiofrequency energy to heat the dermis between 40 and 45 degrees. During this process, this targeted energy helps reorganize the cells and stimulate them to release toxins, drain retained fluids and produce new collagen. By gradually heating the dermis, we are also detoxifying fat cells and in essence shrinking those fat cells resulting in body contouring and a reduction of size of the area treated which contributes to overall weight loss and fat reduction. Hard fat such as cellulite will re-contouring/re-organize itself of the collagen and connective tissue both on the surface and deep within the skin.

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