What medications does your company offer?

Our company offers either brand or generic medications. Our online catalog includes high-quality medications produced by well-known authoritative companies.

Do you sell FDA-approved medications?

All our medications are approved by Indian FDA.

Do all brand-name medications have their generic versions?

Not obligatory, not every brand preparation has a generic analog. If companies see possible benefit from generic production they will produce it and release. Contrary, they have no benefits to produce generics.

Do you require a prescription?

We require a prescription for medications intended for sale with them only. If you buy over-the-counter medications we are not required to send us a prescription over fax or email.

Do you deliver drugs to the specified address?

Yes, we do. We do deliver medications to any specified address including PO boxes.

What are your available payment methods?

We accept credit cards predominantly. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JXB, Diners Club may be used to pay for an order. Bitcoin is one more means to pay for an order.

What are your shipping methods?

Currently, we offer the following shipping methods:

  • Airmail. The waiting period lasts 2-3 weeks. Max – 30 business days.
  • EMS Courier Delivery. The waiting period for the given shipping type is 3-8 business days. However, the delivery can take a little longer because of the possible delays at customs.

What is the shelf life of the products you offer?

In the majority of cases, the shelf life of our products is 2 years. If they have a lower shelf life discount becomes available for this product.

What are my options if I haven’t received my package yet?

If you have not received the package you should first check the maximum delivery time. In the case of Regular Airmail, it lasts max 30 days. If your parcel is delivered by express services the maximum time is 14 business days.

If you are sure your parcel won’t arrive on time you should inform our customer care department. They will notice you what kind of solutions we may offer. Firstly, we offer reshipment free of charge. The second option is a refund.